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    Bob and Dale - DogWatch Cigar Radio - DogWatch Cigar Radio



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    DogWatch Cigar Radio Episode #410 - Final Episode

    We get together with old friends and new to close out a 8 year run of DogWatch Cigar Radio.

    Cigar of the week is the "E" from Brothers of the Leaf LLC.  On hand are Alex, Dale, Craig, Carl, Marc, Kip and Wes plus the chatroom.

    Download or Listen Here!


    DogWatch Cigar Radio Episode #409

    Frank Herrera, Alex, Craig and a cast of thousands.


    Download or Listen Here


    DogWatch Cigar Radio Podcast Episode 408

    Special guest Wes Gensel from Monte Pascoal cigars.  Also joining the show is Dale, Craig and Alex.  CIgar of the week is the Pinolero from AJ Fernandez.

    Download or Listen HERE!


    DogWatch Cigar Radio Podcast Espisode #407

    Pandemonium returns as we welcom back Frank from Charmed Leaf, Skip Martin from RomaCraft CIgars Linsey from Smoke Inn, Podman, Tom, Alex, Craig and of course Dale.


    Download or Listen HERE....


    DogWatch Cigar Radio Episode #406

    With Dale, Craig, Alex and Kip.  The cigar of the week is the Alonso Menendez.

    Check out Alex's blog at

    Check out Kip's blog at

    Download or Listen HERE